Corian® gives your rooms an elegant and promising look, but replacing them instead of restoring them can cost you more. So if you want to restore Corian® on your walls, floors, stairs, countertops, and vanities, come to us; we restore all types of Corian® for you.

Grand Stone Restoration is a professional team of experienced workers with the right tools. We can perform any type of work.

Step by step procedure for Corian® restoration


Grinding is also known as lippage removal and is used to smooth out the rough surface by flattening the Corian® edges. Grinding is also helpful in removing light to moderate stains and scratches.


Honing is also associated with smoothness, but we use diamond pads to provide a light shine in this process. Similar to grinding, honing also removes stains and scratches from Corian®. However, it is usually used as the last step because of the fine finish.


Polishing Corian® allows you to achieve a semi-gloss to a high-gloss finish. It depends on the number of diamond pads used.

When Corian® is restored

Once we are done with the restoration. We firmly recommend NOT USING:

  • Wax surfaces
  • Bleach, vinegar, ammonia, oven cleaners
  • Abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or sponges
  • Acidic or alkaline cleaning agents

For daily cleaning, use products with a neutral pH of 7. You can also use safe stone cleaners that are not only effective but also protect the sealant from deterioration and keep your Corian® brand new.