It doesn’t make sense to invest thousands in limestone when you can restore it. Replacing limestone can cost more than you think. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking to regain your limestone floors, walls, stairs, benches, and vanities.

Grand Stone Restoration is a professional team of experts who produce excellent results with every job’s right tools.

Our step-by-step process for limestone restoration includes


Another name for grinding is lippage removal, which is the primary step in our process. This step will give you fine limestone edges, as grinding helps to remove roughness and scratches. It is also effective against light/medium stains.


The next step is honing, which uses diamond pads to give the limestone smoothness and a slight shine. Honing removes minor scratches and stains. We prefer honing as the final step because the customer wants to achieve a specific look.


Polishing limestone gives you a fantastic look, from a semi-gloss to a high gloss finish. This process requires the use of higher numbered diamond pads. We use polishing as the final step before applying the sealer.


The finish of the limestone surface describes the absorption of the stone. Polished limestone absorbs much less than a honed surface. On the other hand, a polished surface absorbs more petite than a natural, unpolished limestone. A natural stone sealer is applied at the end to protect the stone from stain penetration.

Takeaway! If you’re not sure if you need a sealer for your limestone, do a water splash test. Spread a small amount of water and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Soak up the water with a paper towel, and if you see dark spots on the stones, you need a limestone sealer. Call or email us for a free quote!

Once granite is restored

Once your beautiful limestone surfaces have been fully restored, DO NOT use:

  • Bleach, vinegar, ammonia, and oven cleaners.
  • Abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or sponges
  • Wax coatings
  • cleaning agents containing acids or alkalis

For daily cleaning, use only products designed for safe use on natural stone and have a neutral pH of 7. Safe limestone cleaners are effective and protect the sealant, so your limestone stays like new.