Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone

Technical stone looks elegant, but investing in it, again and again, can cost you thousands. So instead of replacing it, it would be better to restore it. To make restoration easy for you, we are here to help.

Grand Stone Restoration offers you any work with our experienced and professional team.

Step-by-step procedures for restoring engineered stone.


Grinding, also known as lippage removal, is the backbone of all steps. In this step, our professionals smooth the edges of the Engineered Stone by removing the irregularities. They also remove scratches and light/medium stains.


In this step, diamond pads are used to smooth the Engineered Stone. It also gives the Engineered Stone a slight shine and removes stains and scratches. Honing is used in many cases as the final step to provide the customer with the desired look.


Polishing is all about finish and shine. Polishing the engineered stone creates a semi-gloss to a high-gloss finish. Also, the final result depends on the number of diamond pads used.

After Engineered Stone Restoration

Once our team is finished with your beautiful Engineered Stone surfaces, please DO NOT USE:

  • Oven cleaners, bleach, vinegar, and ammonia.
  • Abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or sponges.
  • Cleaning agents that contain acid or alkali.
  • Wax-containing surfaces.

Use only simple and safe products with a neutral pH of 7 for daily cleaning of Engineered Stone. Safe cleaners for Engineered Stone are not only effective but also protect the sealant from deterioration and help keep your Engineered stone looking new.