Golden Tips To Make Your Stone Floor Restoration Prompt & Successful

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January 24, 2023
Golden Tips To Make Your Stone Floor Restoration Prompt & Successful

If you have always wondered how to add a touch of beauty and finesse to your stone floorings, consider restoring them for a change. While you may be confused about insightful ways to incorporate natural beauty stones into your home, you might always step back due to fear of uneven edges and unwanted cracks. But offering your stone floors regular care and maintenance will ensure they don’t degrade quickly or become shabby with time. 

You can go for refinishing or restoring your stone floors yourself, but it’s always better to seek professional assistance and let them help keep your floors looking all shiny and crack-free year round. Here, you can discover the top golden tips to make your stone floor restoration hassle-free. 

Restore, Clean, & Maintain Your Stone Floor With These Top Tips

Wondering what the right level of DIY approach for restoring your favorite stone floors and offering them seamless care and maintenance at budget-friendly rates is? Consider reading the blog below.

1. Discover The Quality & Type of Stones

With time, your stone floors can often damage and lose their original appearance. Therefore, experts suggest you consider opting for expert stone floor restoration and bringing back their lost charm. Before you start the process yourself or go for the DIY approach, consider understanding the material your stone floor is made of and identify its type and quality. 

Some of your stone floors might be extra sensitive to acidic cleaning solutions and therefore require a mild one to maintain thier evergreen look and texture. You can always opt for gentle, sustainable, and non-acidic soaps to prevent causing any unwanted harm or damage to your flooring. 

2. Your Stone Floors Deserve A Deep Clean

To make your stone floorings look brand new, consider offering them a deep cleaning treatment and removing the unwanted dirt and grime, degrading their quality and look. You can start with a little sweeping to remove any extra debris, then use a mild care cleaning solution with a soft brush or a hard one for stubborn stains. Finally, you can let the cleaning or scrubbing solution rest for some time and let it do the work. At last, you can use a towel to wipe away the leftover dirt and improve its longevity.

3. A Resealant is a Must

After you have cleaned your stone floors deeply and left them for a few days to settle down for a brand-new look, consider applying a sealant. You can use a paint roller to ensure that your entire stone floor is wet with the right pair of resealants. Moreover, you can apply extra coats to areas that might have been skipped in the first round. Leave it to settle down and get seamlessly absorbed. Finally, you must use a clean cloth to remove it from your tiles and offer your stone floors a perfect look. 

4. After Resealing, Go for Stone Cleaning & Maintenance

Want your stone floor to look more pristine in the long run? If yes, consider opting for efficient cleaning and maintenance, especially after resealing. Moreover, to ensure your stone flooring doesn’t require restoration at any cost, you must remove any spills immediately after you think there is a slight possibility of them damaging your floors. Once you start washing and cleaning your floors regularly, you can minimize the chances of opting for quick maintenance or stone refinishing services. 

5. Finally, Connect With Our Stone Floor Restoration Experts

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