Kitchen Stone Benchtops

Kitchen Stone Benchtops Sydney

Whether engineered stone or natural stone, we can repair and restore all stone forms. If your stone countertop or splashback needs restoration, Grand Stone Repairs can help. We can fix it all for you, from restoring scratches to chips, stains, burn marks, cloudiness, grout, and silicone.

Now you don’t have to replace your expensive kitchen countertop because we’ll give it back its original beauty and help you save thousands!

Our restoration services for your kitchen stone countertops

If you want to give your dull stone kitchen countertop a new and enticing look or repair scratches and chips on your stone countertop. Contact Grand Stone Restoration, and we will provide you with excellent and affordable solutions to common problems such as:

Loss of Shine/Dullness – This is typical wear and tear issue most prevalent on softer types of stone. Dullness or loss of gloss is not uncommon with stone countertops.

Broken Chips/Piece Repair: Broken chipping is common in natural and untreated stone and can become a major eyesore.

Removing scratches: A beautiful kitchen countertop adds value and beauty to your kitchen, but if it has scratches, it looks really bad. These scratches can dull the overall shine and can also be a weak spot.

Grout Sealing and Cleaning/Recoloring: Do you think your grout is getting dirty or changing color? We offer simple solutions to any problem and help you restore the elegance of your kitchen countertop.

Water rings: Water rings are usually associated with the softer and more porous stones. We can remove them easily without damaging the stone and restore the freshly installed shine.