5 Common Questions Asked About Marble Grinding Process

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November 19, 2022
Marble Grinding Process

Are you considering renovating your house but need clarification about what type of flooring would look best? If yes, try marble flooring. Marble is known as one of the best flooring materials. Nothing compares to the look of natural marble tiles. It comes in various colors, designs, and finish options that offer a regal look. However, with the marble flooring installation, common questions are asked about the marble grinding process. Continue reading to know more about the top questions to ask professionals.

Here Is A List Of Questions To Ask During Marble Grinding Process 

With the help of marble grinding, you can give a new life to your floor. Your flooring is one of the most used things in your home, and with time, it starts losing its shine, or you might be able to observe cracks and chips. All these problems can be fixed with the help of marble floor refinishing. Let’s read some questions to ask professionals before hiring floor refinishing experts. 

1. What Type Of Products Do They Use?

Professionals use high-quality products specially made for marble floors during the marble grinding process. Moreover, skilled experts use eco-friendly products that may or may not benefit your marble flooring. However, many products are available in the market for cleaning your floor. Some of them may be made from chemical bases. Therefore, you must avoid regular cleaning products used for regularly mopping the floor. 

2. What Spills Can Degrade The Quality Of Marble?

All spills are harmful to the floor and should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid staining marble. Marble flooring can be vulnerable to acidic content like coffee, wine, milk, juice, and similar liquids. Use a cloth that can absorb all the liquid and help avoid unwanted stains. However, you can remove all the stains and strengthen your marble flooring with the marble grinding process.

3. Is Marble Grinding Process Noisy? 

During the marble grinding process, professionals use powerful machines that might make noise and create a disturbance. However, you can opt for professionals who promise to finish your work when no one or fewer people are at home. 

4. How To Avoid Permanent Stains? 

Permanent stains can be a real headache, and you must get rid of them as soon as possible. However, the only way to avoid permanent stains is to dab out the spills that can cause an unexpected stain. Most professionals advise applying a sealant to protect your marble floor from damage. But sealant should be re-applied over a period due to recurring footfall. 

5. Why Has My Marble Lost Its Shine? 

After using the marble floor for a long time, it starts losing its shine because of the dirt and stain that makes a layer over it. Marble is a highly porous material, meaning dirt and spills not cleaned thoroughly will soak down deep in pores. However, with the help of marble grinding, professionals can bring back the shine of your marble floor. 

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