5 Frequently Asked Questions About Marble Floor Restoration

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November 5, 2022
Marble floor polishing

Marble is a luxurious stone that can give your space an elegant touch. Marble flooring in your interiors will instantly elevate the property’s overall look. Being known for its high-end quality, it demands top-notch maintenance to revive its beauty. Thus, it becomes crucial to take timely marble floor restoration services and deal with discolored and marred marble floors.

Here is a checklist of questions you need to ask an expert to take care of your marble floors.

Common Questions Asked From Experts About Marble Floor Restoration

To keep your marble floor shiny and intact in great shape even after years of installation, below are the common questions you should consider asking professionals.

1. Should We Remove The Stains Before Polishing?

It’s one of the primary yet common mistakes committed by homeowners. Polishing your marble floor before hiring experts to remove stubborn stains can rough your marble stone. However, the stains become more evident since marbles are highly porous. Thus, before stepping ahead and availing the marble floor polishing services, it’s best to confirm from experts whether using stain removal solvents for removing strong stains is right or not. 

2. Can One Use Acidic Cleaners On The Marbles?

Acid has the potential to react with any product you mix. Therefore, experts advise using acidic-free cleaners to prevent damage to your marble floors. If you clean the floor with acid before the marble floor restoration, the acid may cause a reaction and spoil the beauty of the stone. Hence, it’s advised to avoid using acidic cleaners like vinegar, lemon juice, etc.

3. Can We Use The DIY Solution?

If you search on the internet for cleaning the stains or retaining the beauty of the marble, you might find ample home remedies. They might sound cheaper but cost you double in the long run. The truth is that some home remedy solutions are alkaline and acidic, which further leads to corrosion. Hence, it must be avoided if you don’t want to deteriorate your marbles.

4. What To Do When We Spill Anything On The Marble Flooring?

Thus, the easiest way to avoid the stain of the spill is never to allow it to settle on the marble. Since it is porous, marble stone can absorb liquids easily. It means leaving the detergent or the liquid cleaner on the floor after cleaning will deteriorate your marble floor. 

5. Can The Damaged Marble Floor Be Restored?

When marble is placed in a room, it gives your space a timeless experience. But with time and lack of maintenance and care, your marble may lose its natural luster. But, there is nothing to worry about as our experts are skilled enough to do the marble floor restoration with their years of experience and proficient knowledge.

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While experts always suggest avoiding putting the furniture immediately on the floor after the marble polishing, they also need to avoid dragging it and thus preventing their marbles from getting scratched by all means. You can contact Grand Stone Repairs if you are searching for experts who can deliver top-notch Sydney Marble floor polishing services at unbeatable prices. We have experience of about 25 years in retaining the beauty of the stones like terrazzo, travertine, sandstone, etc. Connect with us today and explore more about our services! To protect the marble for many years to come we have restored and added an anti etch protection film. Helps protect the marble against staining and etching.

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